About Us

We provide excellent environment for their overall growth. Strict discipline is maintained in commitment levels of the teachers provided by us. Only qualified & well trained teachers are provided by us. Looking in to the overall aspect only, we entertain the teachers to take up the task. Himadri institute is the one of the leading educational institute for those who do not want to do hard work however wants to get good marks.

After the initial inquiry of the student we have counseling session with the Parents and Students and discus about his strength and weaknesses. We also look in to the past performance of the Students. We also check the Parent’s educational and social economic background before deciding the teacher. We also check student’s positive and negative strengths subject wise. If necessary we can also conduct spot analysis test deciding his skills and future. This helps us in deciding the right teacher for the student .

Monthly  interactive discussion with the Parents, Teachers and Students is a regular follow-up done by us. 100 % retention of student is maintained. We also give an option of changing the teacher if required, with in 3 Months, only for the contract period of 6 Month to 1 Year.

We also provide the DMIT reports for the students to get the exact scientific methods of learning.


French language coaching
Spanish language coaching
German language coaching
Arabic language coaching
Chinese language coaching
Korean language coaching
Russian language coaching
Japanese language coaching
All language interpreter services are available
Translation service is available
Immigration services